Saturday, February 20, 2016

Custom Firmware on Car Things

We do this. It used to have stupid speed limits*.

* if statements kill people

We want to do this. It has bad* ground cancellation algorithms.

* makes cones sad. needs more deep learning


  1. What I want...

    I want to be able to sleep in the back of my future 2017 PHEV Chrysler Pacifica while it drives from DC to Boston overnight and then wakes me up safely and well rested in the morning.

  2. Cool! Let me know if I can help!

  3. Need self driving module for my Mercedes S212. It already has rear camera and front camera with speed limit sign recognition. it also has radars all around (side, front and bottom for collision detection, sleep detection that could be of any use).
    Can't wait to travel from Paris to Toulon while sleeping in front of my steering wheel :-D
    I wish you full success in this adventure.

  4. Will you need deep learning [car driver] instructors?
    Look at Mark Higgins:
    Manx authorities are proactive toward self-driving car development:

  5. Hey guys-

    You should really enter the IBM competition for Ai.

    I found your address on, and I wanted to reach out to you in regards to I'm sure you're acquainted with blockchain tech, they're doing some amazing work with their protocol.

    I'm starting a podcast for BackFeed with a blockchain tech from Ribbit Wallet, interviewing people who are creating abundance for the world. Would you like to do a short podcast with us? Hit me up on Google.

  6. Keep up the brilliant work..look forward to you winning your bet against Elon Musk

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