Thursday, May 26, 2016

Correction to article: "Have a spin and a chat with founder George Hotz in his $1,000 autonomous car"

The article by Emme Hall did not correctly represent comma points. We think it is extremely unlikely that there will be comma points, but rather comma points. Below is the corrected paragraph, be warned the correction is subtle.

To give people incentive to use the program, drivers earn "Comma Points" for each minute out on the road with the app activated. Hotz was quite cagey when asked what these points could eventually be redeemed for, saying only, "Comma Points are absolutely incredible and you'll wish you had them. You definitely want comma points. In a couple of months you'll be so happy you have Comma Points."

We should also clarify that comma points are amazing, and that this correction is better and more true than other corrections.


  1. I just signed up for the Chffr Beta!!
    I literally drive all day when teaching drivers ed, so I cant wait to contribute to this data mining operation ;)

    Keep to the company George. We want you to be the next Nikola Tesla. We want you to improve humanity.

    1. My thoughts exactly, George you are the new Nikola!

  2. Robert Peoples. I just read and seen this story on Cnet at 3:30 am, applied for the beta, and even if don't qualify I am really excited about this project. I would love to help anyway I can. Here is TX where the roads say drive me all the time.

  3. Signed up for Chffr beta. Drive about 75 miles a day, 70 of it highway. Will be honored (and extremely stoked) if I'm chosen!!!!

  4. When you are taking all this data, please record more than speed and spacial information. Also record time of week to support other helpful apps. (Better on a desktop as builds just pop).

    Or here as a hack (demo license flash) video

  5. I love your company and your product. I can't wait for it to hit the market. I recently saw a video where you said that your car hit bot dots and it worked great. I showed my mother and when she saw that she said that now self-driving cars or driving-assist systems need to do it be able to navigate a road with freshly laid snow that has not been driven on.

    Love your product and can't wait for Chffr

  6. I really want to help with Chffr but I'm in England! Does that matter? I drive 6+ hrs per day 5 days a week sometimes 7 days! I really want to help get this off the ground asap . p.s I have iPhone 5 running jail broken on iOS 9.0.2

  7. I would love to volunteer to help. Also do you guys think you could make your system work with the FLIR PathFindIR. I would argue that if you could you can make your system safer then Tesla. My name is Brevan Jorgenson, email is Lets talk, I think we can help each other out.

  8. Hey George,

    Sarthak here from India, we are making electric cars both two doors and four door, with a very similar vision of yours, making the driver connected to his car, just like he his to his wife, maybe more than that, wish to have a chat?
    would love to mail you and have a chat over skype :)